Frequently Asked Questions

Your clothes are important to you so we put together a list of questions you might have about using Forget Me Spot™ Stain Patch® Spot Remover. Don’t see a question you have, reach out to us at

We know you get busy so the product was developed to be left on clothing for up to 2 weeks.

After removing the blue liner, press the patch into the fabric and rub with our fingers  making sure the pretreater is completely adhered to the fabric and covering the stain.

Do not use on silk, wool, leather or fabrics not commonly machine laundered or labeled as dry clean only.  

The product is color safe, but some fabrics are prone to color change.  You can check for color fastness by putting a small piece of the patch in an inconspicuous spot.

It is always a good idea to check for stain removal before drying. The heat of the dryer will set the stain.

The patch can be used in all types of washing machines since it is the water (cold, warm or hot) that dissolves the pretreater and the patch leaving no residue on the fabric or in the machine.

Forget Me Spot™ Stain Patch® Spot Remover can easily be cut to the size of the stain with a scissors

Just throw the blue liner away in any trash receptacle.